Traffic Biz In A Box (Bonus)

A new product just launched this week. It is called Traffic Explosion! It is really a complete sales funnel designed to bring in new customers and build your list. The best part, you pay a little and use this PLR over and over to make more sales and gather more leads.

Let’s face it. Unless you have your own products to sell to new leads, they will eventually buy someone else’s products and go onto their list. The trick is to get them on your list and stop promoting affiliate products to them. You want to sell them your own products. This is a great way to do that.

PLR is a great way to do that.

Buy only PLR products and Master Resale Rights products and then offer them to your list. You will find that you will do better than the people who do nothing but sell affiliate product after affiliate product. Eventually, their list is absorbed by the people who sold them the product.

That is why having your own arsenal of products is crucial to your continued success in online marketing. The ones who are constantly making money are the ones who create new products consistently. They can afford to sell affiliate products, because other people are promoting their products and helping to build their buyers list.

This is why buying Traffic Explosion is important. If you want to resell it, you need to set it up on your site and then send traffic to it. Luckily, you can use the tactics in your own product to sell the product… pretty cool, huh?


Traffic Explosion

So that gives you a product to sell. And training to go through to improve your traffic and earnings.

What if we could make this deal a little sweeter?

Yvonne and I are authorized resellers of a membership site called “The Vault.” Inside, you will find a boatload of PLR, Resell Rights and User Rights products. In fact, a lot of products that you can find in your inbox from other marketers are purchased and added to The Vault on a regular basis. Some of those are User only rights, which is fine for those products that you only wanted because you need the product yourself. But when The Vault gets PLR and MRR rights to them, you get them free as part of your membership.

Well, if you purchase Traffic Explosion using our link, we will give you a 50% discount off the first month of The Vault!

You will find this discount inside your JVZoo product download area. Just buy Traffic Explosion and you can get 50% off the price of The Vault!

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne Savoie – PLR Insider Information 

PS – If you want to see what you can get inside The Vault, watch this video:

Social Time Master

Social Time Master is a WordPress plugin that allows you to post to your timeline(s) whenever you post to your blog. The difference with this plugin is that you can choose when those posts go out and to which Social Media timeline. No more paying monthly fees to a “service” to do this for you.

  • Schedule Hundreds Of Social Posts In No Time Flat With A Few Clicks Of The Mouse.
  • Manage Everything Visually
  • Flexible And Powerful
  • Easy To Use Timeline Interface
  • Audience Engagement Has Never Been Easier

Check it out for yourself:

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne – WordPress Plugin Guide 

PS – Social Media Marketing is all about being in front of the people when they are looking at their social media. With this plugin, you can put your posts in front of them when the majority of your fans are on! It’s all about the timing!

Get yours now:

Social Spy Agent Means Retargeting Affiliate Links Is Easy To Do!

I just managed to get early bird access to an incredible software called  Social Spy Agent. 

The doors opened at 9am EST. I wasn’t planning on telling you about  this but I just had the chance to use it myself and it’s awesome!

Here’s why it’s so good:

You can finally profit BIG by retargeting visitors of your campaigns set up on third-party sites (like Amazon or TeeSpring) simply by employing a simple, totally legitimate trick of having your Campaign Ads follow your target market around the web making it even easier for you to profit than ever before!

It includes:

– The first software that allows you to retarget your visitors of your affiliate offers, TeeSpring campaigns & any other site that you use to sell but do not own!

– Capture leads from every single campaign by having them retargeted over and over again

– Have your Ads follow your leads around the web – whether they are visiting your webpages, or others’

– Fully customizable to your business so  you can sell more through TeeSpring, Amazon and even Facebook

This is a full Re-Targeting Advertising suite  and everything you are going to need to make a BIG impact immediately to start finally converting more people into buyers as they browse the web!


Here’s what to do:

1. Click this link:

2. The early bird pricing lasts for 2 hours at a BIG discount off the regular price so act quickly!

3. Get access to the software early and then look inside your JVZoo portal for the software and for all of your bonuses, including one specifically for those that qualify for the early bird! 

I know you are going to love this software and I am really excited to let you be one of the first to get access!

I’ve also got some really cool online marketing bonuses I am going to add into this package that you don’t want to miss out on!

See you at 7am EST 🙂

Micheal & Yvonne – 

PS – Once you get access to Social Spy Agent, check your JVZoo portal for full bonus access. 

All the bonuses can be found inside your purchase dashboard!

Go now!

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